Confessions Of A Shopaholic

I confess: I am a shopaholic. If  I see a bag that makes my heart go pitter patter or a pair of shoes that seem as if they stepped right out of a dream and  I have the money at the time, I make them mine forever. I once saw a gorgeous  faux-fur coat in a department store for 40% off and it was leopard print!! I had always wanted a leopard print fur coat and, finally, here one was, right in front of me and within my price range! So I bought the coat and, with my other purchases that day, ran for the car, knowing I had finally found something that I had wanted for so long.
Then there was the time when i got a check in the mail I had been waiting on and hopped in the car, on my way to the mall to purchase that Juicy Couture bag that I had been meaning to get for quite a while. Driving home, I kept glancing in the Nordstrom bag and got a little thrill each time seeing that the I finally owned a Juicy Daydreamer bag..sigh.
And of course, there are the times when I just take a weekend and go shopping, not really knowing what kind of treasure(s) I might find. I always find a bag, a pair of shoes, some makeup, or something that makes me smile and I get that rush when they hand me the new shopping bag with my new purchase inside. In that moment, I feel like no matter what is going on in my life, it seems like everything is beautiful..
These are some of the moments when you have to get up really early five days a week to go to a job and it makes it all worth while.